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Fnd your Voice: The Art and Craft of Storytelling

July 29-August 2nd

Age: Rising 3rd-rising and older

Leaders: Lori Walker, Julie McGaughran, Joel Galarza, Landen Reeves

Nothing Additional to Bring

If you are planning to attend the afternoon at Lower Marlboro, please bring a lunch! (see the list of items for that camp.)

Storytelling camp including campfire, tall tales, radio plays, music as a story, comic books, literature, theater and filmmaking and technology.

Discount if you enroll in the Creative Spirit Camp that happens after this. You can bring a lunch and we will travel to the Hall at Lower Marlboro for the afternoon cam.


Parents please drop off at Mt Harmony Church at 9am and pick up at noon from church. If you are planning to attend the Creative Spirit Camp, you will be transported to Lower Marlboro during the noon hour. Please pick up from there. See CREATIVE SPIRIT







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