Kids Bible Academy 2020 Spring


Designed and Led by Pastor Faith
Wednesdays 4pm - 5:30pm at Mt Harmony UMC  8 weeks per session
Tuition: $80 per session 

Scholarships Available Upon Request.

Martin Luther said “The Bible is the cradle wherein Christ is laid.”  In other words, when we read and ponder the message in scripture, we have a living encounter with God in Christ. Time spent in the Bible can be precious time discovering who we are as God’s people.


Any student in or outside of the church is invited to participate in the first session of the New Kids Bible Academy where Pastor Faith will lay the foundation of biblical literacy in order to spark in your child a lifelong love of God’s Word.


Session III                                    Spring 2020  
                                                    Theme: Follow Me
                                    Wednesday March 4,11,18,25 April 1
March 4 -
Kindergarten - 2nd     Jesus calls the fishermen Mark 1:16–20
Third - Fifth Grade      Jesus calls the fisherman
Mark 1:16–20 + Phillip introduces Nathaniel to Jesus John 1:43-51

March 11-
Kindergarten - 2nd     Jesus calls the Tax Collector Mark 2:13-17 
Third - Fifth Grade     Jesus calls the Tax Collector Mark 2:13-17 + Names of All the Disciples Luke 6:12-16

March 18-                KBA PARENTS and KIDS to HOST THE WEDS NIGHT DINNER

Kindergarten - Fifth        Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand     Matthew 14:13-21

March 25-
Kindergarten-fifth          Jesus calls Peter to Walk on Water      Matthew 14:22-36 

April 1
Kindergarten - Fifth            The Last Supper  Matthew 14: 17-30

Wednesday April 8,(school is out for Calvert County, and it is Early Dismissal for Anne Arundel. 
Our KBA will meet from 1:30pm- 3pm for Easter egg Decorating in the fellowship hall 

We encourage all students and families to attend the Holy Thursday Last Supper Re-enactment That is held on April 9 from 7pm - 8pm 

Session IV

Recognition Sunday will Be Held on June 2 (Children and Youth Ministry Sunday) at both worship services. Students will participate in the worship service and be recognized by the congregation.