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The Church as A Whole


The church does not exist for itself. 
We are a redemptive fellowship of believers who seek to grow in our  love of God and one another as we reach out with expressions of grace, justice, mercy and reconciliation.



The wheel model illustrates our theological task of:


(1) edifying persons of every age in their faith.
Our community invites persons to grow through worship, fellowship, service, and learning. Our Motto is "Walk in faith, find a friend for the journey."


(2) redeeming the world through our connections as a community, partnering with ministries across the nation and world, and supporting the mission of the United Methodist Church.


To "walk in faith" means we humbly set out on a journey of spiritual growth.
We never walk alone.
Rather, we walk as a community of steadfast love and forgiveness where we discover we are blessed to be a blessing!

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