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Good Neighbor Blessing Baskets

Each year at Easter, our church family fills baskets for neighbors in need. Families who receive assistance through the Food Pantry and other social services are still often in need of items that we may take for granted. Our Blessing Baskets will reach 19 local families in time for the holiday with fresh foods and more.

You can be a blessing by helping us fill these baskets (which are in fact laundry baskets decorated with ribbon) with fresh ingredients.

Check out the Easter Blessing Basket Board at Mt Harmony to pick up a tags with the item needed. Each tag has a photo of the item requested in case our non-reading younger ones would like to help shop as well. When choosing a tag from the board, there is a worksheet attached asking for your name and phone number. Tags run between $10-$15 in value except donated gift cards or monetary donations. All items should be returned by April 14th. Because of freshness, items like bread, sweet potatoes, desserts and rolls, can be dropped off 4/18-4/20.

All ages will participate. Our Junior church will be participating, the teen youth group will do shopping for the perishable items such as milk, eggs and vegetables. Our middle schoolers will sort and organize items in the baskets.Our Kids Bible Academy will be decorating each basket. A Pack-n-play will be located in the church office area for all who bring in their items. Thanks to Jess Tyrrell and Katie O'Barr for creating the tags and getting the Blessing Baskets off to fresh start for Spring!

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