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2020 Budget and 2019 review

As a new year is upon us, I invite you to take time look ahead at our 2020 budget, which is available on line and also available in the pews. The graph shows our anticipated expenses for operating costs of the church (all four properties) as well as the ministry and staff of the preschool/kindergarten.

We are grateful that our education building at Mt Harmony has grown in serving families of young children. For instance, in 2020, we will offer mid-week classes to preschoolers through elementary with our added licensed non-public school. The Wesley School will serve and educate children ages preschool through second grade. The expenses of this important ministry are covered entirely by the monthly cost of enrollment as well as donations made by fundraisers such as the June carnival and special dinners.

CHURCH EXPENSES in 2020 The expenses for utilities, office supplies, routine building maintenance and salaries of pastoral and church staff need to be met by the donations from the weekly offering plate.

The current budget shows an anticipated 2020 income relies on a weekly offering plate of $6000, which has been a reach for us. However, the anticipated 2020 income is supplemented by the following: (1) fundraisers across the year totaling at least $8,000, (2) monthly rental income from the parsonage (3) a monthly contribution from the building fund to pay the mortgage.


In 2019, we had a significant drop in weekly giving that began in spring. As a result we cut back on expenses through decreased mailing, decreased printing and a reduction of staff hours.


One successful new fundraiser in 2019 was the Fa La La Festival which featured handcrafted items, a pancake breakfast and a photography session where families gave a freewill offering in return for professional photos donated by GLT Photographic of Owings, MD. This fundraiser was fun and successful.

Expenses for the mid-week ministry of the preschool and elementary school are met by the tuition of the families. Persons looking to support the tuition for a child of a families who is unable to afford the program are encouraged to give directly to the Wesley School Scholarship fund. This year, we had several generous donations toward the school for tuition and also fundraisers for the playground renovation. Playground renovation plans are still in place for the upcoming year, as we have a goal of creating an outdoor classroom, a shed for storing playground equipment, and improved play areas.

DESIGNATED GIFTS TOWARD THE BUILDING FUND Many generous contributions this year toward the Building Fund helps us rest assured that our mortgage is met while also providing us with cash reserves for use on unexpected maintenance items. Each month, the loan for the mortgage is at a fixed payment of $4,000 for the next 13 years. We have been blessed by donations made toward the building fund, as it has helped to meet unexpected costs associated across all of our church properties.

THE ENDOWMENT Gifts made toward the endowment have been a way for us to ensure that the legacy of the church.. The Endowment Fund is intended to be maintained on a long-term basis, providing support of the church's mission into the future. We encourage you to remember the church in your planned giving, your weekly offering and your prayers.

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