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Board of Child Care News

The Board of Child Care Baltimore Campus

BOARD OF CHILD CARE NEWS submitted by Betty Gowland

On September 26th there was a meeting of the Board of Child Care Auxiliary - Southern Region.

Sylvia Keyser and Betty Gowland attended. It was an informative meeting. The Auxiliary is involved in many different projects. We, as a church, participate in some of them, which are outlined below. The next Auxiliary meeting will be May 7, 2020, at the Baltimore campus. It is a spirited meeting, with a delicious lunch. Anyone is welcome to attend, but the organizers would like a head count, so let me know if you are interested.

Our collection for the Auxiliary was during the month of August. $1.034.60 was mailed to them.

If you filled out an envelope you will receive a personal thank you from them. Thank you to all who contributed.

Box Tops for Education — There is now a bin located in the Mt. Harmony lower hallway on the bottom shelf. You can drop your small clipped coupons here. The system is in the process of changing to

digital. See attached flyers from the Board. At this time they will receive double credit, but eventually the clipped coupons will be discontinued. This project benefits the Strawbridge School on the Baltimore Campus. Each month we sign birthday cards for the resident children. This helps to brighten their day by letting them know we’re thinking of them.

We send cookies twice a year, in late November and early May. The cookies can be homemade or purchased. All are greatly appreciated.

Welcome bags are put together and sent twice a year. The bags are decorated, and contain personal hygiene items for the children when they first arrive. Often they come with nothing. This is

sponsored by the UMW.

We send an afghan once a year for one of the high school graduates. Squares are made and

assembled by the Stitches In Stitchers group. If you would like to contribute, please talk to Mary Ewaski. Our color scheme this year is blue and green. We also take small prayer cloths for distribution.

In December, you will find envelopes and “stockings” in the pews. This collection goes to the Board and helps with their many programs. Visit the website to see what goes on at

Filling out your information on the envelope or the stocking will get you a special thank you.

Children will receive a colorful thank you note. The Board would like to do this for you and

encourage you to participate.

There is a Christmas Store on the Baltimore Campus. This year, because of no fall yard sale, I have no items from this source to send. There will be baskets at each church for you to drop off appropriate donations. The children “shop” for their families with guidance from a staff member.

There is no cost to the children. The families are also welcomed into the store to shop. Please have your items in by November 24th so they can be delivered to the Auxiliary. Christmas ornaments or decorations are not needed. Donations that they need are a follows:

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