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Box Tops for Education Program Changes

The folks who administer the BoxTops4Education program are making some major changes to the way the box tops coupons are processed. In a nutshell, they are transitioning from the “clip and mail” method to a fully electronic method. This will affect everyone who collects box tops. During the transition you will still see the traditional box top coupons on some products. These coupons remain valid until the expiration dates and should be clipped and mailed to the BCC Auxiliary as you have always done. You will also begin to see precuts with a new box top logo. As time goes by there will be fewer and fewer of the old coupons and more and more of the new coupons. Do not clip and mail the new coupons. Instead you will need to scan your grocery or other store receipts within 14 days of the purchase, following the steps outlined below:

1> On your smart phone, download the BoxTop4Education app (using App Store for I phone or Google Play for android phones).

2> Open the app and follow the instructions provided. When asked for the name of the school type in 310942 (this

is the number for Strawbridge School).

3> The app will identify those products eligible for bonus coupons so you can be on the lookout for them when you

shop. Check your app regularly because the list of eligible products change from time to time.

4> After shopping use your app to scan your receipts. The app will automatically record any box tops and credit them to Strawbridge. Scanning may take a little practice,, but it does work!

This is a flyer from the Box Tops Program that describes the new process. If you still have questions, contact the Auxiliary Office at 410-922-2100, extension 5473 and they will get back to you.

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