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Church Council Meets

On November 5, the council met and heard the following reports Finance - Julian reports on an upcoming communication pamphlet that will help people see our operation expense, giving. Much discussion on the changes in giving, the need to reduce expense over all. A desire was expressed that we do not reduce our number of missions areas as we continue to support many groups such as Red Bird and Henderson that are probably also finding. The UMC discussion - we still are not clear of the future. We discussed the recent cover article on the UM Connection. Theatre Production - Anita reports as a cast member of The Twelfth Night revels directed by Jackie and how it is going to be a really good show. It will be held in the sanctuary. Tickets can be purchased on line. Building Fund - reports on the current loan which is at a balance of $384, 987.61. We have many gifts that come in to help meet our mortgage payment each month. There are also gifts made directly toward the principal. Trustees - discussion on the leaking roof at Mt Harmony, and the upcoming request for fundraising and pledging toward capital repairs. Good Neighbor - has 22 families that we are sponsoring with groceries for the holidays and a cooked meal. The UMW gave $500 toward Good Neighbor which will help with the preparations of the Thanksgiving Meal. Youth Group - Julie reported that the youth will be filling Operation Shoebox as a part of their mission work. Playground - Reported that the new swings are up, we added a second sandbox, and the bridge has been repaired, we will build more structures and hold another fundraiser Wednesday dinner on November 20th. Lower Marlboro Hall - will hold two special events in December. One will be a train display possibly on weekend of December 14 and another will be a sing-a-long on December 7 with Unclouded Day and a fully decorated Christmas Hall with items to available for sale.

The Wesley School - we are interviewing for the next grade levels of instructors so that we will offer first and second grade in 2020.

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