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DECEMBER Worship Services


8:30am and 10am Worship Services to feature the children's choirs, pageant / video and a message from Pastor Faith on the Old, Old, Story told Anew.

TUESDAY DECEMBER 17 7pm at Mt Harmony A quiet, reflective service for everyone who is feeling a bit rushed and overwhelmed, and particularly for those who are missing loved ones, struggling with illness, feeling sad, and reaching out for the hope and promise of Christmas..

DECEMBER 24 - Christmas Eve Services

  • 3pm - Wiggly Ones Worship for those who want celebrate the birth of Jesus but still want to stick to their bedtime. This child-led service is one for discovering the story of the nativity in a hands-on way with music, costumes and more. At Mt Harmony.

  • 7pm - Christmas Eve Worship at Mt Harmony with Candlelight, all choirs, a children's message and a junior church craft during the sermon. Children return for the candlelight service with the assistance of their glowsticks.

  • 9pm - Christmas Eve Worship at Lower Marlboro Church with candlelight, more traditional music, carols in our beautifully decorated historic chapel

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