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History of our Church

History of Mt. Harmony-Lower Marlboro United Methodist Church

Methodism in Calvert County dates back to the late 1700’s when residents of this community held religious services in their homes to apply the principles of Christian living outlined by the people called Methodists. In particular, a group met in a small log house located across the street from the current Mt Harmony church, where the older section of the cemetery is located. This log house, complete with dirt floor, served as a school house during the week and as a church meeting house on Sundays. As the congregation grew, the decision was made to build a church in 1847. At that time wet shared a preacher with Smithville church that had been built in 1840. The Pastor arrived every other Sunday for worship. For many years, Rev. Joseph Fowler and Rev. William Nowell did much for the church and the success of Methodism in this area. Rev. Nowell also served as a school teacher being paid 5 cents per day, per student by the parents. In 1886, another building at Mt Harmony was erected at a cost of $1,600.00 The People of Lower Marlboro The people of Lower Marlboro also had been meeting in homes and found they could not easily make the 12-mile roundtrip to Smithville Church or Mt. Harmony. In 1869, they decided to built the chapel that is still standing today as Lower Marlboro Church. At that time was named Largent’s Chapel and was meant to serve the families of the village and surrounding farms. Three Churches

On June 4, 1882 the three churches; Smithville, Mt. Harmony and (Largents Chapel) Lower Marlboro were organized as a church “circuit” sharing a single pastor. On June 5, 1899 a parsonage was built next door to Largent’s chapel for $855, with funds raised from an Oyster Supper. The proceeds of the supper were $41.05 and were reported to be a success. The three churches would remain together until 1980 when Smithville would have separate church and pastor with Rev. Rob Carter serving as the first single pastor to Smithville.

Mt Harmony erected another church in 1886 (pictured above) at a cost of $1,600.00 which faced north, with frosted arched windows on east and west sides. They church worshipped there until 1923, when the decision was made to build a new church sanctuary at Mt. Harmony.

The total cost of the 1923 church (pictured above