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Thanksgiving Together

Join Us For Dinner On Thanksgiving Day


NOVEMBER 28, 2019 8am - cooking, roasting and prep 11am-noon - assemble meals for delivery to our Good Neighbor Families 1pm - 3pm - eat together at Mt. Harmony

Where will you be this Thanksgiving? You are invited to spend it at Mt. Harmony UMC serving others. The Feast is served from 1 pm to 3 pm on Thanksgiving Day in the Reception Area. Lots more happens before that — here’s some of what happens with the Neighbor Project and our celebration.

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for the Neighbor Project Outreach Ministry as we prepare a Feast to take to them, and to give thanks and share with our church family and community. Thanksgiving morning starts at 8 am when we begin to roast turkeys, cook and mash potatoes, fix gravy, stuffing, sauerkraut and all the rest of the traditional trimmings and pack bags of food. Before noon, we prepare carryout trays with turkey dinners for our neighbors and deliver them with bags of groceries.

After all the goodies have been delivered, we open the doors, give thanks and share our Thanksgiving bounty.

Contact Michael Jenkins at 240-687-0597.

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