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Thanksgiving Dinner

Community Thanksgiving Feast

Thursday November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we are preparing for our community Thanksgiving feast. We depend on the generosity of our church family to make this feast a success. If you are able to donate something from the list below please contact the church office so we don’t have double. Thank you for your kind contribution that will help the Thanksgiving Feast tradition continue.

Groceries for Good Neighbor Deliveries
● Cereal, hot and cold
● Cocoa
● Canned vegetables and fruit
● Cookies
● Candy
● Pasta
● Sauce
● Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving Feast
● 4 Turkeys about 16 lbs
● 40 pounds white or yellow potatoes for mashed
● Salad mix (3 large container organic mix); salad treasures
● 3 packages celery
● 2 bags medium onions
● parsley, three bunches
● Pecans
● fresh sage, thyme, rosemary
● Gravy
● 6 packages sauerkraut
● olives
● apple cider
● eggnog
● 2 cans whipped Cream
● bread for stuffing, 6-8 loaves; day old is better; doesn’t matter what kind (just
not rye with seeds); leftover bagels and challah are awesome
● pies
● 10 bottles sparkling cider
● 4 jars pickles
● 5 lbs flour

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