Our Church Ethos

"Pray about Everything. Worry about nothing. Walk in Faith and find a friend for the journey. For we are blessed to be a blessing! " We end each worship service with these words of encouragement that remind us that we never walk alone in faith, even when we feel otherwise. God is present through the Holy Spirit and provides us with Christian companions for life's journey. We expect everyone to seek to grow in relationship with God and other church-goers by walking in faith together.


Our Church Mission Statement

We seek to be like Jesus Christ as faithful servants ministering to one another, the community and beyond.



United Methodist Beliefs
Just as creeds such as the Apostles' Creed summarize the belief of all Christians, we have foundational documents unique to United Methodism. See UMC Website for More Information.



One Church. Two Locations. (Well, actually three..)

If you know the history of Methodism, you will understand how we arrived at having two locations for worship plus a seperate community building called "The Hall" at Lower Marlboro. We hold worship every Sunday at the chapels and we use the hall for community dinner theaters, yard sales, after school programs and more.


Our History:

Our history goes back to the mid-1800's when the Methodist movement was spreading across the area. Many of the area United Methodist churches started out as house churches that would be visited by a traveling pastor or "circuit rider." In 1882, the Smithville circuit, consisting of three churches -- Smithville in Dunkirk and Mt. Harmony, and Lower Marlboro in Owings -- was organized. After 98 years as a three-church charge, Smithville became a separate station on July 18, 1980.  The two remaining churches became known as Mt. Harmony-Lower Marlboro United Methodist Charge.  In 1994, the charge was reconstructed as a blended parish with Reverend Russell McClatchey as the pastor.  In September 1997, Mt. Harmony United Methodist Church celebrated their 150th anniversary.




Call us at 410-257-2761

Our Pastor

Reverend Faith Wilkerson        (her website)


Our YouTube Channel   (view)
"Mt Harmony United Methodist"


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Our Staff
Faye Kirby, Secretary
Kathy Bone, Worship Leader and Pianist
Judy Jenkins, Sexton

Joel Galarza, Junior Church Leader
Darcie Jenkins, Toddler Sunday School Leader

Maggie Fowler, Mt Harmony Sunday nursery 
Patti Keefe,  Ministry of Meals Director

Julie McGaughran, Director of Family Ministry

Jennifer Frank, Bookkeeper

Preschool School - Mt. Harmony Preschool
Phone For Preschool Office - 410.257.0642

Stacy Quesenberry, director
Monday - Friday morning and afternoons
ages 2 through 5
(facebook page)


Our Stephen's Ministers      (national website)

Bonnie S. Bates - Leader
Mary Lou Austin
Brian Doherty
Lucy Gray

Jan Heaton
Laura Jelks

Jerry Jones
Cindy McNamara
Ginger Nethers

Christina Powell
Barbara Sowell

Kirsti Uunila

Debbie Wester
Vera Wilkerson

Gloria Wilkerson


Elected and Nominated Leadership


Our Facebook Page
Like Us at facebook.com/mhlm.umc


Sunday Morning Schedule & Worship Times


8:30 am at Lower Marlboro Worship Service

8:30 am Sunday School at Lower Marlboro 

10:00 am at Mt. Harmony Worship Service

11:15 am Fellowship Hour at Mt. Harmony


One Church -  Two Locations

Mt. Harmony    

155 E. Mt. Harmony Rd   
Owings, MD

Lower Marlboro
6519 Lower Marlboro Lane   
Owings, MD